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Gecko Lodge | Holiday Accommodation

Sustainability Practises

Gecko Lodge is situated in Hazyview as part of a conservancy so in many ways we need to practise sustainability to preserve our surroundings as well as our planet Earth.

We have a few practices in place for this:

  • No single use plastic amenities, all our amenities are in glass bottles and refilled as needed.
  • Drinking water is supplied fresh daily in a water jug in guest rooms and thus making it refillable.
  • Clients are more than welcome to ask at reception or bar for their travel water bottles to be refilled as well.
  • Bar: No plastic straws or stirrers used or offered to guests.
  • Restaurant: We have all reusable cutlery and plates as well as serving wear. No single uses available.
  • Our breakfast packs are made with brown paper bags and sandwich bags, wooden spoons and reusable tubs for the contents served with in the breakfast bags.
  • We recycle cans and plastic and thus is either taken to a local recycling plant or given to community members to create artwork and make recycled goods.
  • Our food is prepped daily according to the number of guests in house and is served as a three-course meal, thus way we can avoid cooking in bulk and having food go to waste.
  • The excess food, leftovers as well as prep work is collected by the staff to feed the community pigs which then in turn feed the community.
  • Water: We have a gravitational flow system which we have in place so there is no need for us to pump water and waste electricity. So even during a power outage we still have flowing water to upkeep hygiene and clean meal prepping.
  • The overflow of water is collected by canals that run through our property and feeds back into the Sabie River which is the biggest Ecological River in South Africa and this river stretches through to the Kruger National Park supplying water and food to the Wild Life.

We look forward to continuing small changes to better the planet and we know that each small change we make impacts our Earth in a positive way.

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